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14 September, 2017

Tatyana (Moscow)

I place orders abroad three or four times a year, and now I will work only with your company.



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25 July, 2021. Moscow

Christian Ban

The service is very reliable and the flowers are always fresh and beautiful. It was alway a great satisfaction to order flowers for delivery at Megaflowers.

23 July, 2021. Ukraine

Milton Leslight

Excellent service and follow-up, WELL DONE and thank you.

Ice and Flames
Ice and Flames
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22 July, 2021. Ukraine

Milton Leslight

I have used this company twice in the past 3 weeks and I have found their service exemplary, I have also used the BIGGEST international florists on previous occasions so I have good knowledge of what to expect, there service doesn't rate compared to this company so naturally this is why I gave you a rating of 5 out of 5 . WELL DONE you guys !!

Ice and Flames
Ice and Flames
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20 July, 2021. Saint Petersburg



20 July, 2021. Omsk


Good service, easy interface. Recommended!

Ice and Flames
Ice and Flames
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17 July, 2021. Voronezh


The last 5 times i ordered here was bad. They contact at the last minute to say that the flowers chosen are not available. Of course i would just agree to whatever replacement they choose because they conacted at the last minute! 5 straight times this happened. Aparrently they advertise flowers in their website that they do not have. I ordered here every month. But not anymore!.

17 July, 2021
Quality Service Department of Megaflowers
Please accept my sincere apologies for letting you down. We always try to fulfill the order successfully, but flowers are arriving less and less often, due to the conditions of the pandemic. We understand how important this is for you and all replacements are agreed with you as soon as information is received from the salon. We understand that this is important for you. As an apology, a coupon has been sent to you for a future order. We are waiting for you again. Sincerely, Megaflowers

15 July, 2021. Saint Petersburg

Gurjit singh Arora


Fountain of Colour
Fountain of Colour
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12 July, 2021. Sochi

John Adam

A very efficient and responsive company that I would highly recommend. Flowers were lovely.

11 July, 2021. Novomoskovsk

Gayane Davtyan

Спасибо 🙏большое за превосходный сервиз я ваша клиентка около 10 лет никогда не разочаровали меня а наоборот всегда радовали своим хорошим сервизом а главное к каждому относятся очень ответственно вплоть до деталей чтобы клиент был доволен я ещё раз хочу поблагодарить всех вас за очень очень хороший сервиз так держать и всегда радуйте своих клиентов а мы со своей стороны будем рекламировать вашу компанию своим коллегам,друзьям и родственникам с уважением Гаяне Давтян Нью Уорк

Fantastic Duet
Fantastic Duet
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28 June, 2021. Slovakia

Marco Nini

All is okay when i buy on this website! 100% recommended!!

Woman's Secret
Woman's Secret
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